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ABOUT Mathura

Dvarkadhish Temple

The Dvarkadhish Temple, built in 1814, is a popular temple in the center of Mathura town. This is the most visited temple in the center of Mathura and is managed by followers of Vallabhacarya. Once you enter this temple from the street, it is fairly interesting architecturally. It is located in the eastern part of Mathura, not far from the Yamuna River. The temple is a hub of activity during the festive days of Holi, Janmashtami and Divali.

Krishna Janambhoomi

Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi temple is the most sought after devout centers in Mathura. Its predominance over the other holy spots are due to the belief that the temple stands on the same place where lord Krishna was born to Devaki and Vasudev. Numerous articles excavated from the site bare testimony to the legendary story of Sri Krishna’a birth.

Vishram ghat

The Vishram ghat is lined with elegant temple and some of Mathura's most important shrines are found here - the Mukut Temple, Radha-Damodar, Murli Manohar, Neelkantheshwar, Yamuna-Krishna, Langali Hanuman and Narasimha temples. The baithak of the great Vaishnava, Shri Chaitanya, is also near by. The aarti held at the Vishram Ghat each evening is not to be missed, for the little oil lamps that are floated on the river set the placid water asparkle with a myriad flickering lights. History tells us that this important site was ravaged and patronized in equal measure over the ages, It was badly damaged during the early invasions but two Vaishnavite saints, Keshav Kashmiri and Vallabhacharya restored its sanctity during the time of Sikander Lodhi. It received lavish patronage during the tolerant rule of Akbar when the temples were repaired and embellished but again time and events took their toll.